May 26, 2013

Kraftwerk @ Sydney Opera House

Well, that was pretty unique. Kraftwerk were THE ticket of VIVID LIVE in 2013. Tickets were sold on a ballot system and were obviously in great demand. They were here to play 8 shows (featuring a particular album at each show) over 4 nights. So 2 albums, or shows, a night. We scored tickets to the first show featuring "Autobahn", an album I remember fondly from my youth. Yes, I was into Kraftwerk whilst my friends were enjoying Sherbet. Having said I haven't listened to them in years. So I wasn't really sure what the show would be like. Well, as said, it was pretty unique. The four German men entered the stage and took their place behind their consoles. Then they proceeded to dazzle us for 90 minutes of German electronic wizardry.

"Autobahn" was the band's fourth album and was released in 1974. It was their first album to feature vocals. They actually opened the set with "The Robots", before they launched into the album proper. All of the music was accompanied with 3D images. We were given white cardboard glasses for the show. Some were effective and some were static. Each song had totally different images. Some really flew off the screen. These were the most effective. It was a slightly surreal experience that had the audience enthralled through out. As the album finished I wondered if more music would be on offer. There sure was. They basically gave us a "Greatest Hits" package. We received "Model" and "Computer World" and "Trans-Europe Express", which was my favourite. It was a dazzling show. Although it did feel a trifle long as the electronic influence can feel a little repetitive at times. But it was certainly unlike any show that I have ever seen and I was certainly glad I entered the ballot for this one.  

Set List
The Robots
Kometenmelodie 1
Kometenmelodie 2
The Hall of Mirrors
Trans-Europe Express
Metal on Metal
The Man Machine
Computer Love
Computer World
It's More Fun to Compute
Tour De France 1983
Tour De France 2003
Boing Boom Tschak
Techno Pop
Musique Non Stop


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