May 18, 2013

Hospital Ships

I'm very excited to let you know that June 18 will see the release of a new album from Hospital Ships. "Destruction In Yr Soul" will be the third album from Hospital Ships, which started as a solo project for Jordan Geiger but has now evolved into a fully formed band. Geiger was a member of Kansas' now defunct Minus Story, one of the more under rated bands of the last decade. The album, to be released by Graveface, contains 8 tracks and is sure to be unique, strangely emotive and very personal.

Destruction In Yr Soul Track Listing
1 Come Back to Life
2 Joan of Arc
3 If It Speaks
4 Desolation Waltz
5 Lost Folk Song
6 All Yr Gold
7 Servants
8 Remaining Light



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