Mar 10, 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Enmore Theatre

The best way to explain a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds show is to describe it as an adrenaline rush. A complete shot in the arm. An infusion of dirty, raging rock and roll. It should be anachronistic but it isn't. These men have been around the block a bit, and some are showing it, but their music feels young and invigorating. And, well, just damn exciting. When the Bad Seeds walk on stage the roar is huge. But then when St Nick enters we go wild and froth at the mouth. For he is the leader of the congregation. We worship at his feet. For the next hour and a half we are captivated by a complete master. A master of theatrics and the essence of the rock and roll show. Saturday night at the Enmore Theatre was the final stage of their Australian tour and they tore it up something proper. This show rocked and was a different kettle of fish to the Sydney Opera House shows of a week back. It was loud, sweaty and raw. It was great!

One thing struck me about the show. Well besides the energy, the great musicianship, the rawness. The power. It's the persona of Nick Cave. He is larger than life. An icon you could say. But during the show you see the human. Warts and all. A laugh when someone yells out something in a quiet moment of "Into My Arms". A glare of frustration of whatever Warren Ellis is trying to do. Telling an audience member to "stop fuckin' touching me" when he is doing his customary lean down into the crowd. When he basically breaks the mic during "Deanna" he looks almost vulnerable waiting for a new one.There were many moments when the legend looked human. Which is kind of good I think. Even though he is intimidating to the extreme he stills puts his pants on one leg at a time. Oh, but I should say when he is kicking his legs out and thrusting his hips out and screaming his lungs out there is no one like Nick Cave. No one.

Some musical highlights-
The epic build of Jubilee Street and the epic pounding keyboards of Conway Savage.
The almost maniacal thrust of From Her to Eternity
The quiet solitude of God Is in the House
The sheer joy of Papa Won't Leave You, Henry (my favourite song of the night)
Mark Lanegan killing it on The Weeping Song
The Mercy Seat! The Mercy Seat!
The dark brooding pulse of Tupelo  

Set List
We No Who U R
Jubilee Street
Wide Lovely Eyes
Higgs Boson Blues
From Her to Eternity
Red Right Hand
God Is in the House
Jack the Ripper
Papa Won't Leave You, Henry
Into My Arms
The Weeping Song (With Mark Lanegan)
The Mercy Seat

Stagger Lee


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