Feb 9, 2013

Two Gallants @ Annandale Hotel

This was actually a co-headlining gig. Two Gallants and Deer Tick, both in the country for the first time to play Perth Festival. Two Gallants played first and even though I like Deer Tick it was the San Francisco duo I was most keen to see. So much so that I didn't stay for Deer Tick. Which I felt sort of guilty about, but it is what it is. Two Gallants are one of the most under appreciated acts going these days. They blend old and new for a ferocious mix. Did I say ferocious? Energy just pours off the stage. In waves. Friday night at the Annandale Hotel was the perfect setting for some Americana served hard.

Two Gallants, after a short break, gave us "The Bloom and the Blight" last year. Despite one publication hating on it, it was well received and I loved it. It captured all the things that make this duo great. Great storytelling, heartfelt lyrics, passionate playing. Live, it goes up another notch. And then some. Tyson Vogel, hidden in mass of hair, pounds his drum kit like there's no tomorrow. He can also go subtle. It was fun just watching him play. Singer Adam Stephens gives his all on vocals and guitar. He has a raspy, throaty roar that is enormous and seemingly endless. I don't know how his vocal chords survive each night. Truly remarkable. The band gave us a mix of old and new last night. Highlights were newer songs such as "Ride Away", "Halcyon Days" and the lovely "Broken Eyes" which was performed on keyboards and acoustic. But the biggest cheer was for two classics. "Steady Rollin'" and "Las Cruces Jail". These were basically the first two Two Gallants songs that I listened to and they hold up as strongly today. Just fantastic. This was a great set, even though we only got an hour. But what an hour it was!    

Set List
Song Of Songs
My Love Won't Wait
Despite What You've Been Told
Ride Away
Steady Rollin'
The Hand That Held Me Down
Las Cruces Jail
(new song)
Broken Eyes
Cradle Pyre
Halcyon Days 


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