Feb 20, 2013

Father John Misty @ Metro Theatre

Seeing a band or artist so soon after the first time can sometimes make you question why. Is there a need? Especially if that artist has no new material and in this case only one album to play with. But in this case I can answer a big fat yes to all counts. We first saw Father John Misty last July, delighting us with tunes from his wonderful debut album "Fear Fun". Such a fun night. Fast forward to last night at the Metro. A slightly bigger venue and deservedly so. Although basically the same set, naturally, it was a fantastic night. Fun and hugely rewarding. This is a rising comet in the musical sky.

Father John Misty has 6 band members. All debonair and extremely talented. But the focus has to be on one man. Josh Tillman. He of the extremely wonderful voice and the miles of style. In a tan suit he declared he looked like a "gay plantation owner". But he didn't act like one. Strutting the stage, dancing like a mad man and throwing barbs at the audience. Of course the set was basically "Fear Fun", bar one song. Particular favourites were the serene "Only Son Of The Ladiesman" and the robust "This Is Sally Hatchet", which thrilled us all with its customary wig out. Hearts melted during "Everyman Needs A Companion", but it was the already classic "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" which slayed us. This great song has all the elements, but live it grows another leg. The band thrashed the song to death as Tillman writhed on stage. I was then curious to see what the encore delivered. In the end we received something old and something news. "I Love You, Honeybear" is a new song and it was pretty damn great. Then the band covered the Canned Heat classic "On The Road Again", seeing us off in great style. Singing and dancing into the night. You must never miss Father John Misty live.  

Set List
Funtimes In Babylon
Only Son Of The Ladiesman
Nancy From Now On
I'm Writing A Novel
Misty's Nightmare 1 & 2
This Is Sally Hatchet
Well, You Can Do It Without Me
Now I'm Learning To Love The War
Tee Pees 1-12
Everyman Needs A Companion
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

I Love You, Honeybear
On The Road Again (Canned Heat cover)


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