Jan 26, 2013

Mount Eerie @ York St Anglican Church

A certain sadness overcame me last night. At the end of Mount Eerie's sublime show Friday night I felt sad. Deflated. Not because the show wasn't great. It was. But because an event that I had looked forward to for months was suddenly over. There was no more. The happiness of a great moment is often matched by the knowing that is over. Life moves on. It has to. But at least for one shining hour I was transported to a world of inner beauty and serene peace. There are musicians in this world that operate on a level that we can't truly comprehend. They are touched by something that is unique and astounding. Phil Elverum is one such person. The man from Anacortes, Washington has graced our lives for over a decade. First as The Microphones and now as Mount Eerie. Friday night he played St Philip's Anglican Church in Sydney. Thanks to the work of Adam and Joe, who do so much for live music in Sydney. It was a unique setting for a truly unique talent. Friday nights don't get much better than this.

This tour was just Phil on guitar, an electric. He was to play a great selection from his sublime 2012 album "Clear Moon". Opening with the serene and gorgeous "Through The Trees pt. 2". The only slight downer early on was an amplifier that was playing up. It somehow was emanating a loud fuzz/buzz that didn't ruin any song but was slightly distracting. You could see Phil was certainly distracted but he handled it with good humour and grace. Soon it was fixed though and the night soared to another level. He did manage to give us a selection of older songs as well. Including two from his classic album "The Glow pt. 2". "The Moon" is close to genius, whilst "Headless Horseman" is one of my favourite songs from that superb album. I also loved the tender "I Walked Home Beholding" and the serene "Wooly Mammoth's Mighty Absence". Hell, it was all great. He is a one and only. Songs are tender, soft and strong. They pulse with life and energy. They contain, I believe, a certain spirituality. A spirit of nature. He sings a lot about rivers and mountains and moons and woods. He also touches on love and longing. With a melancholy and inner beauty that is matched by few. If any. I walked home beholding.    

Set List
Through The Trees pt. 2
The Place I Live
No Inside, No Out
The Moon
With My Hands Out
Clear Moon
Lone Bell
Headless Horseman
The Place Lives
I Walked Home Beholding
Wooly Mammoth's Mighty Absence
I  Say "No"

I should mention the two local supports. Both great.
Matt Banham. Dark and fascinating songs on an acoustic.
Packwood. Banjo and strings that combined for a sublime set of lovely music.


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