Jan 4, 2013

Beach House @ Enmore Theatre

If last night at the Enmore Theatre was any indication then 2013 is going to be spectacular for live music. Beach House dazzled an attentive crowd with their own special brand of music. I find for many artists I can pinpoint exactly what makes them great. With Beach House I really can't. Suffice to say it's just their sound, whatever that exactly is. It's a hypnotic blend of melody and emotion. It's a feeling, a mood. By a band that is firing on all cylinders, producing exquisite and sublime music that is hard to quantify but extremely easy to love. There are many great shows on tap for 2013, but this one will be hard to top.

The duo (live a trio) from Baltimore played mainly tracks from their last two stellar albums in "Teen Dream" and "Bloom". The show had no low points, each song an enthralling and captivating experience, holding us easily in its grip. "Wild" kicked off the night with ecstatic emotion and it never let up. Songs rose and fell with effortless ease, each containing peaks and valleys. Beach House have this uncanny ability to stretch and build their songs letting the attentive listener go on a joyous journey. Their songs require attention and dedication, but it is so very worth it. Whether it's the glistening "Walk in the Park" or the the jet propelled "Norway", the music takes a grip on you and refuses to let go. Alex Scally provides the bedrock with guitar and Daniel Franz adds dynamics with his drumming but it is Victoria LeGrand who holds the most attention. She doesn't say much but she is mesmeric to watch. She drives the music with her keyboards and her androgynous voice is simply irresistible. This was starkly evident on "Silver Soul" and "Wishes", two highlights of the night. I should also mention the sublime lighting. It was simple but very elegant and effective. With the lights changing to suit each song it was perfect for the music being played. In the sublime "Take Care" the projections shone through creating a kaleidoscopic effect through out the theatre. Breath was duly taken away. "Myth" closed the main set with appropriate grace and power, whilst "Irene" sent us away into the night floating on the back of Victoria's powerful voice.
This was some show.    

Set List
Walk in the Park
Other People
Master of None
Silver Soul
The Hours
On The Sea
New Year
Take Care

10 Mile Stereo


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