Dec 9, 2012

Best Songs Of 2012

2012 was many things. But to me in the end it became the year of the epic. The epic song. The song that stretches and expands your horizons. Makes you tremble in its wake. It's not relaxing. But it's not meant to be that way. Halfway through the year I really had Father John Misty's "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" as my song of the year. What a song it is. So effortlessly great and wondrous. I also loved the hypnotic "Myth" by Beach House. But in the end it was a resurrected song by a band that came back from the dead that sealed the deal. "Mladic" was previously played live close to a decade ago as "Albanian". When it popped up as the opening track on the unexpected new album from Godspeed You! Black Emperor I was stunned and gobsmacked. It is a twenty minute slice of doom laden beauty. I really can not wait to see it performed live in February. Other great constructs were the magnificent "Pale Lights" by Mount Eerie. The incredible "Wasted Days" by Cloud Nothings and the four part suite "USA" by the incomparable Dan Deacon. All great, all epic. All 2012. Below I have posted a few videos of some of my favourite songs and for good measure I have listed my top 100 of the year. I have limited each artist to no more ten 3 songs each. Hope you enjoy!

1. Mladic-Godspeed You! Black Emperor
2. Pale Lights-Mount Eerie
3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings-Father John Misty
4. Myth-Beach House
5. Is It Honest?-Woods
6. Pique-Menomena
7. Bend Beyond-Woods
8. Sleeping Ute-Grizzly Bear
9. Dark Parts-Perfume Genius
10. House Shape-Mount Eerie
11. USA (Parts 1-4)-Dan Deacon
12. Magic Chords-Sharon Van Etten
13. Lightshow-Plants and Animals
14. Civilian Stripes-Divine Fits
15. I Found You-Alabama Shakes
16. Wasted Days-Cloud Nothings
17. Tuck The Darkness In-Bowerbirds
18. You're A Animal-Jonathan Boulet
19. Headed For The Door-Moonface
20. Line By Line-The Walkmen
21. Country Song-The Men
22. Hearth Of Your Home-Charge Group
23. Golden Mile-Daniel Rossen
24. Varuo-Sigur Ros
25. Ecce Homo-Titus Andronicus
26. We Drift Like Worried Fire-Godspeed You! Black Emperor
27. Sisterly-Fang Island
28. Baby Get Worse-Divine Fits
29. WIXIW-Liars
30. Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire-Hallelujah The Hills
31. Holland-Cold Specks
32. We Can't Be Beat-The Walkmen
33. Still Life With Hot Deuce On Silver Platter-Titus Andronicus
34. Only Son Of The Ladiesman-Father John Misty
35. No Future/No Past-Cloud Nothings
36. New Town Burnout-Animal Collective
37. A Simple Answer-Grizzly Bear
38. Size Meets The Sounds-Woods
39. Open Your Heart-The Men
40. The Gold Is Gone-Charge Group
41. Wild-Beach House
42. Now I'm Learning To Love The War-Father John Misty
43. Winter In My Heart-The Avett Brothers
44. 2010-Plants and Animals
45. Winter Solstice-Cold Specks
46. Baton-Menomena
47. Brevony-Ramona Falls
48. Evening's Kiss-Willis Earl Beal
49. Passage-Exitmusic
50. Splitter-Calexico
51. Give Out-Sharon Van Etten
52. Nations-Cars & Trains
53. Clique-Kanye West
54. Inside Your Heart-Ty Segall
55. Flaggin A Ride-Divine Fits
56. Manhattan-Cat Power
57. Plumage-Menomena
58. Silent Song-Daniel Rossen
59. A Ring On Every Finger-Liars
60. Swing Lo Magellan-Dirty Projectors
61. Every Single Night-Fiona Apple
62. Black Smokehat-Jonathan Boulet
63. In A Big City-Titus Andronicus
64. Spore-Ramona Falls
65. Halcyon Days-Two Gallants
66. D.O.A.-Sleigh Bells
67. Yay-Zammuto
68. White Galactic One-Lotus Plaza
69. So On, Nevada-Damien Jurado
70. Get Me In A Room-Hallelujah The Hills
71. Time-Ty Segall and White Fence
72. Freedom at 21-Jack White
73. All Comes Down-Dusted
74. Winter's Youth-Two Gallants
75. Oscillation-The Men
76. Encyclopedia Of Classic Takedowns-A.C. Newman
77. They Told Me Too-Ty Segall
78. State Hospital-Frightened Rabbit
79. Penitentiary-Houndmouth
80. This Dead Bird Is Beautiful-Lost In The Trees
81. All Of This Will Go-Guided By Voices
82. Lamb-Lower Dens
83. You As You Were-Shearwater
84. Ho Hey-The Lumineers
85. Last Waltz-Horse Feathers
86. Paper Hearts-Why?
87. Just From Chevron-Dirty Projectors
88. September-The Shins
89. Go Ego-Eight and a Half
90. Cinema West-Bearhug
91. Maureen's-Strand Of Oaks
92. Rising Below-Dirty Three
93. Drifting In and Out-Porcelain Raft
94. Lonesome-Dr Dog
95. The Ghost On The Shore-Lord Huron
96. Short Cut-Martin Eden
97. S' Alive to Be Known (May We Starve)-The Music Tapes
98. Cherokee-Cat Power
99. Can't Hold Us-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
100. In My Bed-The Orwells


  • At December 10, 2012 , Anonymous James S said...

    I wholeheartedly agree with Mladic being number one. It's a blistering, sonic boom that is hard to surpass

  • At December 12, 2012 , Anonymous wh1ch house? said...

    amazing post!!! i agree, except for the fact you for got this guy


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