Oct 7, 2012

The Paper Scissors @ The Standard

The sign draped behind the stage said it all really. In Loving Memory. It was the name of their criminally under rated second album. But it also summed up the fans feeling about The Paper Scissors. We will love them and we will remember them. If you never got the chance to see them live, well you missed out. They were great and just so much fun. But no more. The band announced a while ago this would be the last show. So a wet Saturday night at The Standard turned into a warm and fun filled night. Although a bitter sweet one. Bitter sweet because this is/was a band that we needed to make more music. Alas.

It ended just on midnight. No encore. There was no time. They just kept playing. And we danced and danced. They gave their all. Ivan and Xavier were the usual tight as rhythm section. Jai Pyne led the way with his howls and infinitely soulful voice. We even had two drummers at one point and two saxophones with former members joining the stage. This was especially ecstatic on "The Bandit". Rumps were shaking on this one. Music is such a joy and a gift. It enlivens us. It makes us bold. So this was sad. But at least the band got the chance to go out with a bang. On their terms. Living the independent life is hard. If you don't get radio play it's a tough road to travel on. So please, next time you are thinking of downloading (stealing), don't. Buy some music. Next time you are home, go out. See some live music. It's pretty great you know. We need to keep this thing alive. The Paper Scissors. We will miss you with all our heart. 
Set List
Taller Than You Then
Lung Sum
On Your Hand
Held Down Threw Up
Over There
Everyone's Wet
Sand Fingers Water Toes
Soft Pig
Drunk Swim
The Bandit
Tipped Hat
We Don't Walk
Disco Connect
Yamanote Line


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