Aug 1, 2012

The Avett Brothers Ready New Album

Those mightily talented men The Avett Brothers will be releasing their brand new album on September 11. "The Carpenter" was produced by Rick Rubin and will contain 12 tracks. Scott Avett said that some of the songs on the album address life and death, especially after watching bassist Bob Crawford's daughter struggle with cancer. "As we get older, a lot of the things we said in the past that we thought we believed about understanding life or death, I don't know that we understood them as well as we do now and I don't know that we understand them now , but we're closer to an understanding. The hard times with Bob and his daughter's illness was something that we woke up to and changed our lives entirely."

The Carpenter Track Listing
1 The Once And Future Carpenter
2 Live And Die
3 Winter In My Heart
4 Pretty Girl From Michigan
5 I Never Knew You
6 February Seven
7 Through My Prayers
8 Down With The Shine
9 A Fathers First Spring
10 Geraldine
11 Paul Newman Vs. The Demons
12 Life


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