Aug 24, 2012

Ladyhawk (Not Ladyhawke)

This is about Ladyhawk. Not the other one. Drop the E and discover some great music. This Vancouver band of men have released two great albums of throaty, gritty, harmonic rock. But it's been a while. Four years actually since their last release. But wait no longer. Triple Crown Audio Recordings will release "No Can Do" on October 9.
Have a listen to some sounds below!

MP3: You Read My Mind-Ladyhawk

No Can Do Track Listing
1 Footprints
2 I'm A Witch
3 No Can Do
4 Rub Me Wrong
5 Sinking Ship
6 You Read My Mind
7 Bedbugs
8 Evil Eye
9 Window Pane
10 Eyes of Passion


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