Aug 17, 2012


Do you remember a time when Interpol were great? I mean seriously great. I do. Their first two albums were impeccable. Then they lost their way. Their following two albums were major letdowns. Plodding and lifeless. However, Paul Banks, their lead singer released a solo album that was rather good. Released under the name of Julian Plenti it was inventive and exciting. Now fast forward to 2012 and Banks is about to release solo album number 2. This time he has ditched the Plenti moniker and just gone with plain old Paul Banks. To suit this he has named the album simply "Banks". The ten track album will be released on Matador Records on October 23. The album was recorded in New York and Connecticut with producer Peter Katis. Let's hope for the best!

Banks Track Listing
1 The Base
2 Over My Shoulder
3 Arise, Awake
4 Young Again
5 Lisbon
6 I’ll Sue You
7 Paid For That
8 Another Chance
9 No Mistakes
10 Summertime Is Coming


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