Jul 15, 2012


There seem to be precious few pure music events anymore. You know, something that is purely about the music and nothing else. Something that is not a sales pitch or a marketing event. Something that in the moment and for days after you know was something truly special and unique. Saturday night was such an occasion. The Gate has been putting on such nights for a while now, but this might easily be the best one yet. Firstly it was in St Phillips York Street Anglican. in the heart of the CBD. Secondly, it was IN a church. Here in point form are the things that mattered.

  • Amazing acoustics (naturally)
  • Cost effective
  • A collaboration between Charge Group and Seaworthy that featured a pipe organ
  • Serene acoustic set by Tash Parker (featuring a Sesame Street song)
  • Jordan Ireland blowing everyone away with a powerful set
  • Single Twin
  • JORDAN IRELAND!!! (ex Middle East)
  • Did I mention Jordan Ireland?
  • Free brownies
  • Free brownies


  • At July 16, 2012 , Anonymous Joe said...

    Thanks Wayne! Was great to see you guys, really glad you enjoyed.


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