Jul 1, 2012

Jonathan Boulet @ Metro Theatre

Well that was enormous fun. A cracking hour of blissed out super fun. Melody and more melody. The super talented Jonathan Boulet entertained us with unceasing effort Saturday night at the Metro Theatre. The show was the biggest room the band has played yet, as part of the tour to launch their ridiculously good second album. For some reason, the room was nowhere near capacity. Which is strange considering how vastly less talented acts can sell out the venue on multiple nights. But no matter, for those in attendance witnessed a night they will not soon forget.

The bearded one, and it's a considerable one, led the charge on the night. Launching straight into the totally awesome "Black Smokehat", the band followed suit with enormous energy. The set up is made to make the live experience a great one. Three guitars that blaze and shred, backed up by a ferocious drummer and a drummer/percussionist at the front of the stage. It all makes for quite a sound. Anthemic, joyous and totally uplifting. Throw in huge sweeping harmonies and it is infectious and irresistible to the nth degree. Boulet has an incredible ear for melody. His songs are infused with such joy and bounce. They can range from the summery delights of "This Song Is Called Ragged" and "Mangle Trang" to the chaotic and dynamic "Trounce". Either way, you just have to dance and move. They left their big guns for last though. "A Community Service Announcement" was just melody overload and "You're A Animal" was strong, direct and a clarion call to thrash about. They didn't encore. They gave us all. Smiles and smiles.

Set List
Black Smokehat
3 2 1 Ready Or Not
Hallowed Hag
This Song Is Called Ragged
Mangle Trang
Ones Who Fly Twos Who Die
A Community Service Announcement
You're A Animal



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