Jul 5, 2012

2012: A Half Yearly Look Back

The year so far has, you could say, a fox like quality. It started in the early days of January with a sublime Fleet Foxes show at the Sydney Opera House. Little did we know that their erstwhile drummer Josh Tillman would soon announce that he would be leaving the band. It soon transpired that Tillman would form his own band and then subsequently release my favourite album so far in 2012. Father John Misty was the name of the band and "Fear Fun" is just a sheer delight. As for other albums it's been a mixed year I feel. There have been some real gems, but also quite a few records that feel either tired or uninspired. So onto my list of favourites. Just to note that there are some records I have only recently picked up and haven't had the chance to give them full value. Such as Fiona Apple, DIIV, Langhorne Slim and Liars. Perhaps they will appear on my year end list.

Top Ten Albums Of 2012 (So Far)
1-Fear Fun-Father John Misty
Dropping the quiet, sombre solo albums he previously released, Tillman and band crafted a joyous, warm and superb record. Joyous!

2-Bloom-Beach House
Every bit as good as Teen Dream. This album drips with elegance and class. Melodies float in the air with grace and rapture. Effortless!

3-Heaven-The Walkmen
This band has matured and aged into one of the finest on the planet. Perhaps their most subdued release yet, it resonates with heart.

4-Charge Group-Charge Group
A while in the making, it was worth the wait. Ethereal, super charged and spare, it fairly drips with emotion. A triumph for Australia's finest band.

5-Heartbreaking Bravery-Moonface
Yet another chapter in the Spencer Krug search for beauty in  music. His collaboration with Finnish Siinai produced those Krug qualities. Mystery, depth and emotion.

6-We Keep The Beat Found The Sound See The Need Start The Heart-Jonathan Boulet
Second album explosion. A bewildering concoction of melodies and anthemic chants. Music that is so uplifting and just so much fun.

7-Clear Moon-Mount Eerie
The genius that is Phil Elverum has given us another release that requires countless listens to fully understand. In fact I know I still need more listens to fully comprehend.

8-No One Knows What Happens Next-Hallelujah The Hills
File under most under rated band on the planet. An album of well written, sincere and rocking songs that are fiercely intelligent and rewarding.

9-Tramp-Sharon Van Etten
A major talent emerging. Van Etten is a great singer who knows how to write great songs. This album was a pleasure from beginning to end.

10-Open Your Heart-The Men
Fierce and unrelenting, this album covers many styles and moods. It contains a burning passion and anger that is hard to resist.

Honourable Mentions
Boys & Girls-Alabama Shakes
Prophet-Ramona Falls
The End of That-Plants and Animals
I Predict A Graceful Expulsion-Cold Specks
Put Your Back N 2 It-Perfume Genius
Acousmatic Sorcery-Willis Earl Beal
Spooky Action At A Distance-Lotus Plaza
Blunderbuss-Jack White
Toward The Low Sun-Dirty Three
Maraqopa-Damien Jurado
The Clearing-Bowerbirds
Bill, Dance, Shiner-Bearhug
Break It Yourself-Andrew Bird
Attack On Memory-Cloud Nothings
Eight And A Half-Eight And A Half

Music To Anticipate...
Swing Lo Magellan-Dirty Projectors
Major-Fang Island
America-Dan Deacon
A Thing Called the Divine Fits-Divine Fits
Centipede Hz-Animal Collective
Sun-Cat Power
Ocean Roar-Mount Eerie
The Bloom and the Blight-Two Gallants
Coexist-The xx
TBA-Grizzly Bear
Bend Beyond-Woods


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