Jun 3, 2012

Stop The Virgens @ Sydney Opera House

I can't really explain this night, not really. But it was wonderful, amazing and incredible. So. Much. Fun. As part of VIVID, Karen O and her incredible collaborators took over the Sydney Opera House for 5 nights of delightful mayhem. Colours and sounds exploding into the night.

I knew it would be a unique and slightly strange night when we entered the theatre. Strewn amongst the seats were the Virgen Acolytes choir. It was somewhat freaky and kinda funny. But it set the scene. Threw us straight into the performance. When the music began properly on the stage it became an hour of fantastical sights and sounds. To me the 'story' made no sense. But ultimately it didn't really matter. It was about the costumes, the movements and the voices. Karen O took centre stage in one amazing get up after the other. She was joined by two sentinels, six virgens and the afore mentioned virgen choir. The music varied from soft ballads of sweet melody to raucous rock out tunes. It all kept me captivated and entranced. Thoroughly entertained. Another successful year of VIVID events.


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