Jun 16, 2012

Charge Group @ Red Rattler

Charge Group have a pulsing humanity. They wage a raging battle between anger and beauty. They are dynamic, serene and imperative. They are Australia's best kept secret. On a cold Sydney night in Marrickville's Red Rattler they once again displayed the talents that make them so watchable. Their songs have an incredible dynamic. They push and pull you with exquisite effect. Dragging you through the full gamut of emotions. The final effect is to you make you feel good. Elated. Triumphant.

This show was part of their album tour for their second sparkling self titled album released earlier this year. Naturally they played a fair bit from that release. Such as the euphoric "The Gold Is Gone" and the pulsating "Search Party". My favourite though was the mournful and sublime "Hearth Of Your Home". We also received a fair chunk from debut "Escaping Mankind". I really loved their rendition of "Lullaby For The Apocalypse". Quite stunning. The encore was superbly rendered too. "Janet's Song" (the saddest song written according to Mr Blackman) was listened to with quiet awe and "Redcoats & Convicts" sent us off into the cold midnight air with one last reminder of how great this band is.

Set List
The Jaguar Complex (recorded)
Hearth Of Your Home
Broken Sunlight
Morning Of The Superheroes
Search Party
Lullaby For The Apocalypse
Speakeasy Death Song
The Gold Is Gone

Janet's Song
Redcoats & Convicts


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