Apr 4, 2012

My Morning Jacket @ Enmore Theatre

There is no off switch for My Morning Jacket. It's always on. On and on and on. Pushing to exhaustion and elation. For over two and a half hours on Tuesday night at the Enmore Theatre, not full by the way, the almost legendary Kentuckian band pushed themselves into the ground. They were exhausted and so were we. But it's a good exhaustion. An ecstatic one. A one where the realisation is that a devoted band of followers have been at one with the band. With the music. Riding every bump, every scream, every thing. My Morning Jacket have a reputation for being incomparable and untouchable in the live arena. It's well deserved.
They are stamped with greatness.

This was my fourth time seeing this spectacular band and they might just be getting better. They are certainly not slowing down. They are so in sync with each other, welding together all the elements that make them so great. You have the ferocious rhythm section of Tom Blankenship and Patrick Hallahan. There is the expert keyboard work of Bo Koster and the exquisite timing of guitarist Carl Broemel. Then there is the one and only Jim James. The man is unique. In voice and in soul. His voice is quite extraordinary, reaching angelic highs and guttural exclamation points. He also tends a mean guitar. Shredding and swerving as he leads his band on extended jams. The show opened on a high with the one-two opening punch from last year's "Circuital". Both great songs, it set the mood and tone for the night. Which also meant less tracks from previous album "Evil Urges", a major disappointment of a record to me. They instead splurged on us a good selection from their catalogue. And what a catalogue it is. I was ecstatic to hear two really older tunes in "The Way That He Sings" and "Honest Man". The latter descended into a ferocious heavy blues jam. Both were received with open arms. As was basically everything. Special mention must go though to the unreachable glory of "Lay Low" and "Dondante". Guitars were properly shred and no emotions were spared. The night was capped off by the holy blockbuster "One Big Holiday". Oh, that guitar riff. That build and climax. That. This. Extreme pleasure.

Set List
Victory Dance
It Beats For U
Off The Record
The Way That He Sings
Honest Man
Outta My System
Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
I'm Amazed
Lay Low
Movin' Away
Smokin' From Shootin'
(end of ) Run Thru
First Light
Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part 2
I Will Sing You Songs

Wordless Chorus
Holdin On To Black Metal
One Big Holiday

Special mention should also go to the support act. Los Angeles four piece Dawes brought their four part harmonies to Enmore with hugely pleasurable results. They were very impressive and well received.


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