Apr 19, 2012

Charge Group Album Tour

There are two things you should do.

1-Buy the new Charge Group album.
2-Go and see them live.

Firstly, album number two for the Sydney four piece was a long time coming. But it was so worth the wait. It is a mature, intelligent, emotionally charged record full of guts and glory. It starts with the simply majestic "The Gold Is Gone". A mournful violin is welded to a elegant guitar chord before the vocals kick in. It takes us on a journey and it is quite a trip. Barring the overly simplistic "Broken Sunlight" there are no weaknesses on this remarkable album. Of course there is the chaotic and robust "Run", which is a standout. But beautiful moments abound elsewhere. Such as the stirring "Volcano" or the plaintive "Dominoes". Or the epic "I Saw The Leaves Falling Back To Their Branches". There is no fall away at the back end either. "Search Party" is a brooding beast of a song and already a live favourite, whilst "Hearth Of Your Home" just might end up becoming the best track on the album. "Janet's Song" closes off things perfectly. Its quiet contemplation a considered way to end the music. Charge Group are a band at the peak of their powers. They combine perfectly to achieve remarkable results. Their music is elegant and yet powerful. It is cathartic and supremely compelling. Undoubtedly the Australian album of the year so far. It just might be the best thing you hear all year.

In light of that you must the take the chance to see them live on their upcoming tour.
You won't regret it.

Charge Group Tour Dates
June 9, Street Theatre, Canberra
June 10, Yours + Owls, Wollongong
June 15, Red Rattler, Sydney
June 16, Lass O Gowrie, Newcastle
June 21, Metro, Adelaide
June 22, Mojo's, Fremantle
June 23, Dada's Car Park, Perth
June 29, The Tote, Melbourne
June 30, Alley Cat, Hobart
July 6, BeetleBar, Brisbane


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