Apr 6, 2012

Blitzen Trapper @ Oxford Art Factory

Blitzen Trapper fill in all the cracks in your musical repertoire. A little bit of country, a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop and a little bit of folk. Sometimes shaken, sometimes stirred. Always delicious. They don't do any one thing extraordinarily well. But they do everything really well. They deserve a bigger audience. Perhaps they need a gimmick. Maybe just good songs aren't enough these days. So it was a Thursday night at the Oxford Art Factory and the place was not full, but those lucky to be there witnessed a fun night of skewered and melodic American music.
Fun was majorly had.

In 2011 the band released "American Goldwing" which proved to be a major improvement over previous album "Destroyer of the Void". So I was happy to hear these songs played live for the first time last night. Such as the robust opener "Might Find It Cheap" or the delightful "My Home Town". There was also the strongly melodic title track and the rambunctious "Fletcher". Of course I was delighted to hear older classics such as "Furr" (probably the highlight of the night) and the deliciously dark "Black River Killer". Even delving back further gained us the slightly crazy "Wild Mountain Nation" and the wild and silly "Miss Spiritual Tramp". I think this is still my favourite part of the Blitzen Trapper era. Those times when the band played with a glint in their eye and a who cares attitude. The band though have matured into an extremely confident live act with all members pulling their weight live. Eric Earley, primary songwriter, takes centre stage with his earthy and honest vocals. The multi talented Marty Marquis is a important band member too with his easy ways and ready quips. The band can really rock out too, as evidenced by the ferocious attack of "Street Fighting Sun" and the ultimate closer in the Led Zeppelin song "Good Times Bad Times". So all in all, a most enjoyable night. Not life changing, but definitely life affirming. 

Set List
Might Find It Cheap
Your Crying Eyes
Wild Mountain Nation
Love the Way You Walk Away
God and Suicide
My Home Town
Black River Killer
Evening Star
Fire and Fast Bullets
American Goldwing
Silver Moon
Gold for Bread
Miss Spiritual Tramp
Street Fighting Sun
Big Black Bird

The Man Who Would Speak True
Lady On The Water
Love and Hate
Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)


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