Mar 10, 2012

Real Estate @ The Standard

Heads bobbing gently, swaying to the music. Let the melodies wash over you, with elan and grace. This is a Real Estate show and I must say it's a pretty enjoyable experience. Friday night at The Standard was the New Jersey band's first ever show in Australia. For that matter it was my first ever visit to this newish venue. And I really liked it. Plus we must be very grateful in these times for any new places with live music. It's two levels above Kinselas near Taylor Square. The room has exposed brick and high ceilings with a good bar at the back of the room. A place I look forward to going back to in the future.

But to the music. I first remember hearing "Fake Blues" three years ago and falling in love with its majestic melody. Soon we had a debut album and it was great. Last year the band signed with Domino and released their second in "Days" which hence received a much wider audience. I liked it a lot but really believed their debut achieved better results in its melodies and urgency. I was glad that last night we were treated to an even spread form both records, although the "Days" tracks certainly received the bigger cheers. Such as "It's Real" which created a mass singalong. My two favourite tracks from album two came in the middle of the set in "Municipality" and "Out Of Tune", which both beautifully highlight the strength of the band. It's the wonderful guitar interplay between Matthew Mondanile and Martin Courtney. Graceful arpeggios ring out, washing us in blissful melodies. There are no histrionics and showmanship, just harmony and melody. This came to light in the extended jam of "All The Same" and in the last song of the night. "Beach Comber" wrapped around us effortlessly, cascading through our hearts. Sending us home smiling. 

Set List
Suburban Dogs
All The Same
Green Aisles
Fake Blues
Wonder Years
It's Real
Out Of Tune
In My Car
Kinder Blumen
Younger Than Yesterday
Green River
Suburban Beverage

Atlantic City
Beach Comber


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