Mar 13, 2012

New Album From Ramona Falls

About this time last year we learnt the news that Brent Knopf was leaving Menomena to concentrate fully on his own music, Ramona Falls. This was sad, but at least we knew more great would arrive. And that time is now. Or May 1 to be more precise. On that date Barsuk Records will be releasing "Prophet", album number 2 for Ramona Falls. Judging by the first track previewed it will be an exciting listen.

Prophet Track Listing
1 Bodies Of Water
2 The Space Between Lightning And Thunder
3 Spore
4 Divide By Zero
5 Archimedes Plutonium
6 Sqworm
7 Fingerhold
8 If I Equals U
9 Brevony
10 Proof
11 Helium

MP3: Spore


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