Feb 27, 2012

Oscar Thoughts

Not long to go before The Academy Awards are handed out in Los Angeles. So I thought I would share a few brief thoughts before we get started. These aren't predictions as the intense scrutiny for months means that there are few surprises when Oscars are handed out. Just my wish list.

Picture (complete with Pitchfork styles scores)
The Tree of Life (9.6)
Hugo (8.8)
Moneyball (8.4)
The Descendants (8.2)
The Artist (8.1)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (6.5)
War Horse (5.1)
Midnight in Paris (didn't see, wanted to)
The Help (didn't see, never wanted to)

The Tree of Life is so clearly the best picture of 2011 it's not really funny. It won't win, but it really should. Films like Shame, Drive and Melancholia should have scored nominations.

This should have been a contest between Michael Fassbender for Shame or Brad Pitt for The Tree of Life. But they weren't nominated. So would like to see Pitt win for Moneyball.

Only saw Streep's performance. By all accounts Viola Davis will win.

If Lubezski doesn't win I will cry!

Malick SHOULD win, but won't. Scorsese other wise.


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