Feb 1, 2012

My Favourite 100 Songs of 2011 (Just Another List)

A few weeks ago I posted a selection of my favourite songs of 2011. A selection of 15 or so powered by the beauty of You Tube. Since then I have read some excellent lists that went a whole lot further. Up to 100 in fact. Like here, here, here, here and here. So I decided to create a list for myself. No real reason other then that I like to create lists. I see some list makers will limit each artist to only one song. Some go unlimited. I have decided to compromise. A limit of three songs per artist.
Hope you find something on the list you enjoy.
1. Vomit-Girls
2. Postcard From 1952-Explosions In The Sky
3. Whalesong (Song Instead Of A Kiss)-Moonface
4. Helplessness Blues-Fleet Foxes
5. The Creature-Kurt Vile
6. Calgary-Bon Iver
7. The Last Living Rose-PJ Harvey
8. Goshen-Beirut
9. Alsatian Darn-Panda Bear
10. How Darwinian-Dan Mangan
11. I Might-Wilco
12. How Come You Never Go There-Feist
13. Serve The People-Handsome Furs
14. Putting The Dog To Sleep-The Antlers
15. Quail And Dumplings-Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
16. Stamp-The Rural Alberta Advantage
17. Beautiful Burning Desire-Blackout Beach
18. Wood-Rostam
19. Light Emerges-Akron/Family
20. Rivers Of Gold-Bry Webb
21. The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix)-Colin Stetson
22. White Sun-Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross
23. Suicide Demo For Kara Walker-Destroyer
24. Inn Of The Seventh Ray-Eleanor Friedberger
25. Last Known Surroundings-Explosions In The Sky
26. River Jordan-The Felice Brothers
27. The Plains/Bitter Dancer-Fleet Foxes
28. My Ma-Girls
29. No Church In The Wild-Jay-Z & Kanye West
30. On Tour-Kurt Vile
31. Return To The Violence Of The Ocean Floor-Moonface
32. We Need A Myth-Okkervil River
33. Twigs and Stones-Siskiyou
34. Come To The City-The War On Drugs
35. L Y F-WU LYF
36. Holocene-Bon Iver
37. Otis-Jay-Z & Kanye West
38. Drmz-A.A. Bondy
39. Baby's Arms-Kurt Vile
40. Sara-Chad VanGaalen
41. Another Sky-Akron/Family
42. Art Of Almost-Wilco
43. Hank Williams-Roadside Graves
44. Old Friend-Caveman
45. Undertaker-Bry Webb
46. Forgiveness-Girls
47. The Shrine/An Argument-Fleet Foxes
48. Repatriated-Handsome Furs
49. Murder To Excellence-Jay-Z & Kanye West
50. Black Water Falls-The War On Drugs
51. Fast Peter-Moonface
52. In The Dark Places-PJ Harvey
53. Corsicana-The Antlers
54. Act On Impulse-We Were Promised Jetpacks
55. Dozens-The Paper Scissors
56. Shaking Down The Old Bones-The Darcys
57. Circuital-My Morning Jacket
58. Keno-Dick Diver
59. Black Night-The Dodos
60. One-Month Marathon-Eleanor Friedberger
61. Montana-Youth Lagoon
62. Calico Ghost-Deepest Bison
63. Get Right-Megafaun
64. Go-Seekae
65. The Park-Secret Cities
66. Barnes' Yard-The Rural Alberta Advantage
67. Asking Price-Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
68. The Silver Lining-Gold Leaves
69. Only In My Double Mind-Centro-Matic
70. The Gold Is Gone-Charge Group
71. Poor In Love-Destroyer
72. Everybody! Do The Twist!-Antiques
73. Cows-Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
74. Dirt-WU LYF
75. Countdown-Beyonce
76. Mona Lisa-Atlas Sound
77. Surfer King-A.A. Bondy
78. Come On Over-Veronica Falls
79. The Valley-Okkervil River
80. The Autopsy Garland-The Mountain Goats
81. For 12-Other Lives
82. Black Hills-Gardens & Villa
83. About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help At All-Dan Mangan
84. Municipality-Real Estate
85. Cicadas And Gulls-Feist
86. 5 Chords-The Dears
87. O Holy Break Of Day-Waters
88. Swerve... the Reeping of all That is Worthwhile (Noir not Withstanding)-Shabazz Palaces
89. Goodbye Bread-Ty Segall
90. Civilian-Wye Oak
91. Rubber-Yuck
92. Dreamin-Twerps
93. Lost In The Trees-Richmond Fontaine
94. Same Mistake-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
95. Black Dress-O'Death
96. Overcoat-John Vanderslice
97. Black Death 1349-The Middle East
98. Scottish Winds-Frightened Rabbit
99. Blood-The Dears
100. Ladder Song-Bright Eyes


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