Feb 22, 2012

Jack White Album Details

As you are probably aware Jack White has a new album coming out on April 24. His first solo album in fact. "Blunderbuss" will be released on Third Man Records and above is the cover art.

Blunderbuss Track Listing
1 Missing Pieces
2 Sixteen Saltines
3 Freedom at 21
4 Love Interruption
5 Blunderbuss
6 Hypocritical Kiss
7 Weep Themselves to Sleep
8 I'm Shakin'
9 Trash Tongue Talker
10 Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
11 I Guess I Should Go to Sleep
12 On And On And On
13 Take Me With You When You Go


  • At February 23, 2012 , Anonymous Daniel Ogilvie said...

    hi wayne thanks for the heads up about the album! I just listened to love interruption on Jack White's website. I am really looking forward to seeing where he goes with this!


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