Feb 24, 2012

Hallelujah The Hills Set To Release New Album

Without doubt Hallelujah The Hills are one of the most under appreciated bands going around. Their melodic, fiercely independent brand of music reminds you of all of your favourite bands from the 90s. Guitars and melodies. Guts and determination. May 22 will see them release album number 3. "No One Knows What Happens Next" was recorded direct to analog tape in Boston, Massachusetts and will be released on Discrete Pageantry Records.

No One Knows What Happens Next Track Listing
1  Get Me In A Room
2  Nightingale Lightning
3  Care To Collapse
4  Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire
5  No One Knows What Happens Next
6  Dead People's Music
7  People Breathe Into Other People
8  The Game Changes Me
9  Hello, My Destroyer
10 Call Off Your Horses


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