Feb 8, 2012

Feist @ Enmore Theatre

Yes, we loved every single second of it. It was all quite spectacularly superb. From the delightful melodies to the rock out moments. From the times were held our breath to the feeling of being as one. Feist lit up the Enmore Theatre Tuesday night in a way few performers can. She is so engaging, so charming, so talented. Love.

For just on two hours Feist proved that she is one extremely talented and unique performer. Such a personable one too, she had us at hello you could most possibly say. As the booming "Undiscovered First" rang out across the venue we felt this night could be special. It also showed that she and her band could rock out with the best of them. Her latest album "Metals" is darker then her previous one and there is much more percussion woven through the record. It showed live, with songs such as "A Commotion" and "The Bad In Each Other" filling up the cavernous venue with great ease. This was helped by a great backing band that included the extremely talented Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think). Feist was also joined on stage by the wonderfully talented Mountain Man who provided superb vocal support through out the night. This proved great on songs such as "Graveyard" and "Comfort Me", where even the audience ably joined in the chorus. We still received many quiet and breathtaking moments too such as the gorgeous "Anti-Pioneer" and the older classic in "So Sorry". Probably the most fun though were the back to back "My Moon My Man" and "I Feel It All". If you weren't smiling through these then I suspect you probaly left your heart at the door. I should mention too an incident early in the night when Feist, during "How Come You Never Go There", grabbed a camera from the front row. She was objecting to the person videoing the song, explaining that in doing so they were actually missing the joy of seeing the song live. Which is a pretty fair point I would have to say.

If the show was great, then the encore maybe was even better. "When I Was A Young Girl" was just Feist and the drummer thrashing it out for nearly ten minutes. We also received a beautiful rendition of "Cicadas And Gulls", with just Feist and Mountain Man huddled together, quietly singing. Breaking our hearts. If it could get any better it did, with Feist returning alone to serenade us with "Intuition". Amazing. Incredible.

Set List
Undiscovered First
How Come You Never Go There
A Commotion
The Circle Married The Line
So Sorry
My Moon My Man
I Feel It All
The Bad In Each Other
Honey Honey
Comfort Me
Caught A Long Wind
Get It Wrong, Get It Right

When I Was A Young Girl
Cicadas And Gulls
Sea Lion Woman
Let It Die



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