Jan 29, 2012

Eleanor Friedberger @ Famous Spiegeltent

Eleanor Friedberger was pleasant. Extremely pleasant. And that is not to slight her. I mean that in a nice way. She seems a gentle soul, giving and caring. Amiable. So an hour in her company in the Spiegeltent on a Saturday night on the second last night of the Sydney Festival was something that was totally and thoroughly enjoyable. Melodies and vocals that charmed and graced us all.

I have long been a Fiery Furnaces fan, even if recent albums were not quite at the dizzying levels of earlier work. Then last year Eleanor broke out and released a wonderful solo album, a favourite of 2011. So to see her live was hopefully going to be a treat. And it was. Despite a false start, amp problems, she gave us a small slice of American pop goodness. It was also a treat to hear many new songs, and covers, for the first time. Of course she played us tunes off  "Last Summer", with "Inn of The Seventh Ray" and "Scenes From Bensonhurst" being particular standouts. Of the newer songs, two of which might have played live for the first time, I really liked the opener "I Don't Want To Bother You" and "There are Other Boys Too". She also gave us a Texan themed cover section as well. There was a Buddy Holly cover, but the one I loved was the Spoon cover. This had me very excited. She also managed to throw in a couple of Fiery Furnaces songs including the impossibly melodic "Tropical Ice-Land" to close the night. A night that was just wonderful and full of happiness. And happiness is a good thing you know. Having said this I do realise that a lot of her songs are quite sad lyrically. But sadness makes me happy if you get my drift.

Set List
I Don't Want To Bother You
My Mistakes
Dearest (Buddy Holly cover)
I'll Never Be Happy Again
Early Earthquake
Lost At Sea (Fiery Furnaces song)
Dallas (Jimmie Dale Gilmore cover)
Inn Of The Seventh Ray
That Was When I Knew (I Was Wrong)
Trouble Comes Running (Spoon cover)
There Are Other Boys Too
Scenes From Bensonhurst
More of the Same?
I Won't Fall Apart On You Tonight
Echo Of Your Encore?
Stare At The Sun

Tropical Ice-Land (Fiery Furnaces song)


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