Jan 26, 2012


Five years ago today, Australia Day, I met my beautiful wife. To cut a long story short we had met through my blog. She commented on Modest Mouse and Mountain Goats gigs that we had both been to. Soon we were Last Fming and emailing. Then I had tickets to a great gig. Joanna Newsom, Andrew Bird and Bill Callahan on January 26, 2007. We met. We connected. We became gig buddies. We became friends. We became boy and girl friends. We bought a house together. We got married.

So it's now been 5 and a half years or so since I started my blog. As I have mentioned before I don't always have the time or dedication to update constantly. My passion is still high for all the things I love, but sometimes sitting in front of a keyboard and writing is not a priority, Conversely my wife used to have a blog, long started before mine. It was a life blog though, not just music. It was her thoughts and ideas, beautifully written. She ceased though, but lately she has the bug again. To write and express. About the things she loves. She loves music. The Mountain Goats, Wilco, Ani DiFranco, Sufjan Stevens, Frightened Rabbit, Arcade Fire. That sort of thing. She doesn't get Animal Collective, but I'm trying. She loves reading. Vonnegut, Safran Foer, Winterson, etc. She loves art. Whiteley, Klimt, Boyd, Degas, etc. She loves a good film and a good play. She will write here occasionally. Whenever she feels the urge. Could be weekly, could be monthly, could be yearly. She is my wife. She is Karen. 


  • At January 26, 2012 , Anonymous James S said...

    Great post Wayne and congrats to you both!

    It was pretty similar for Lyns and I. We were both blogging whilst we met and met over our love for music. We stopped blogging for a while. But I'm coming back to write this year and hoping my love of all things pop-culture can reach others.

    Keep it up the both of you!

  • At January 31, 2012 , Blogger Wayne said...

    Thanks James. I'm sure Karen will be a great addition to the blog. Looking forward to you writing again.


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