Jan 11, 2012

Andrew Bird Album Details

Andrew Bird will be releasing a new album on March 6. "Break It Yourself" is the name and it the musician's first on Mom and Pop Records. It was produced at Bird's barn/studio in western Illinois.
“We had our front of house engineer Neal Jensen bring his old Tascam 8-track tape machine and Yamaha board (nothing fancy) out to my barn,” Bird said about the recording.

“We rolled tape as we were learning the songs and to our surprise we started nailing the songs by the second take. I think we got a rough, unfussy honesty in this session.” Bird said the sessions for the album were a “mix of distilled, grounded songs and some wild soloing.” The band for the Break It Yourself session included long-term collaborator Martin Dosh on drums, Jeremy Ylvisaker on guitar and Mike Lewis on bass.

Break It Yourself Track Listing
1 Desperation Breeds...
2 Polynation
3 Danse Caribe
4 Give It Away
5 Eyeoneye
6 Lazy Projector
7 Near Death Experience Experience
8 Behind the Barn
9 Lusitania
10 Orpheo Looks Back
11 Sifters
12 Fatal Shore
13 Hole in the Ocean Floor
14 Belles


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