Dec 12, 2011

Explosions In The Sky @ Metro Theatre

Moments in time. Moments in space. Unbridled elation. Joy. Awe. Wonder. Awe and wonder. A thousand words will not possibly, can not possibly describe the experience that is an Explosions In The Sky show. It is beyond that. Feelings explode, hearts are stretched to their breaking point. The ONLY disappointing aspect of one of their shows is that they have to end. They end and then we return to the mundane existence of life. Knowing that they passed through our hearts and minds, holding us close and dear, sharing with us the sonic ecstacy of a night in their existence.

The curtain falls back and they enter. Celestial being Munaf Rayani thanks us and they start to play. From the opening  notes of "The Only Moment We Were Alone", we all feel something special. A connection. An emotional harpoon to our heart. How does a band that doesn't use words impart so much emotion into each and every note. But they do. And how. By the end of their opening song I am trembling with joy and excitement. A song of such power also contains moments of breathtaking quietness. There is nothing quite like this song in the live arena. Fortunately the night continued to give and give. Until there was nothing left to give. Huge chunks of 2011 release "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care" were offered to us and we gladly accepted. I was particularly moved by "Postcard From 1952", a song of sublime excellence. Also great was "Let Me Back In", with its distinctive guitar riff. Of course everything played pretty much existed on the greatness level. Everything. But special mention should be given to closer "The Moon Is Down", which built and built to epic proportions. I simply closed my eyes and went along for the ride. Thankfully I opened them long enough to see Munaf have his guitar laid flat on the stage, while he proceeded to wail on it. Munaf is a unique character. The music flows through him on stage. At times he does an almost sensual dance whilst he plays his guitar. It is a sight to behold. All the band members also are affected by the music. They sway and writhe, shove and push their guitars. I think this is one of the primary reasons I love them so much. The music I believe means as much to them as it does to us. Perhaps more so. Although the quiet reverence that enfolds the sold out Metro Theatre perhaps shows that the love is evenly spead between stage and floor. As it ends the band thanks and departs. No encores. None needed. This is music. This is life. This is us.  

Set List
The Only Moment We Were Alone
Last Known Surroundings
Catastrophe and the Cure
Postcard From 1952
Greet Death
Your Hand In Mine
Let Me Back In
The Birth and Death of the Day
The Moon Is Down


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