Dec 14, 2011

Best Songs Of 2011

I recently read a current musician's opinion on the 'glory' of pop music. The idea went something like this. Pop music is great because it crams so much into each and every second. Every second of each 'great' pop song is produced to the nth degree. Stylized and massaged to produce a product that is supposedly great. But I think this is the problem with most modern commercial pop music. There is so much production and refinement that the very life and joy is squeezed out. I like songs that feel rough around the edges, feel lived in. Ones that you can see and hear the spaces. There should be room for depth and light. There should be quiet and loud. Grit and crackle. Now of course there are always exceptions. As to every rule. But hopefully you see where I am going here.

Now in 2011 I don't believe there was a standout song. A signature moment. But I have picked a song for number one that I believe encapsulates all that goes into making a truly great song. It should hopefully be some sort of epic journey. It should thrill you and also touch you emotionally. It should definitely be original. "Vomit" by Girls fits that description I believe. It is a thunderclap of modern music.
What follows is a Youtube essay of my favourite songs of 2011.



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