Oct 9, 2011

The Paper Scissors @ Kings Cross Hotel

In some perfect world The Paper Scissors would be big. Much, much bigger then they are now. Why? Well, they are killer live and have a great arsenal of roaring songs. But they are not. Unfortunately. Saturday night they played to a small crowd at the FBI Social room at Kings Cross Hotel. As singer Jai Pyne put it, "a great room swimming in a sea of shit". They were great and greater. Which isn't surprising when you consider that they are drawing their set from an album I consider to be the finest released in Australia this year in "In Loving Memory". It's an album that is a dramatic exercise in soulful rock.

They actually opened with a new song that sounded pretty great as it was. "Lung Sum" followed and its delectable swagger filled the small room. Many highlights flowed along soon after, especially the thunderous "Taller Than You Then", the sublimely groovy "Dozens" and the deep soul of "Over There". They also threw in a crowd pleasing oldie in "Yamanote Line". I would say though it was confounding that the band had to finish abruptly at midnight. They were some 20 minutes late to start but I thought that the Kings Cross area would be certainly one that wouldn't be concerned with noise issues. Anyway, it did mean a somewhat short set. One though filled with power and grace. Thanks to the blockbusting voice of Jai Pine and the unbelievably tight rhythm section of Xavier Naughton and Ivan Lisyak. Next time you are searching the gig guide, make sure you underline the name of The Paper Scissors.   

Set List
New Song?
Lung Sum
Taller Than You Then
Over There
Soft Pig
Yamanote Line
Drunk Swim
Disco Connect


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