Aug 6, 2011

Dead Letter Chorus News (Album and Tour Dates)

It's not far away now peoples. Sydney's Dead Letter Chorus have album number two due for release this month. August 26 to be exact. "Yearlings" was recorded over 8 months beginning in May 2010 with Canadian producer Les Cooper. You have probably already heard the singles released over the preceding months in "Covered By Snow", "Run Wild" (the one on the Toyota ads) and "Yellow House". All bouncing with melody and passion. Soon now you will have the album. I have been listening to the album recently and it's pretty great. I particularly love the the two closing tracks on the record. Both brimming with soul and fire. Further to that, the band have announced some tour dates to help you enjoy it in the live arena. I strongly recommend you see them live. They are always great!

Yearlings Track Listing
1 Covered By Snow
2 All Mine
3 Run Wild
4 I Belong To You
5 Underdog
6 Yellow House
7 The Changing Tides
8 Gently Weeping
9 The Poet and the Thief
10 Edge of Town

Tour Dates
September 16, Speakeasy, Perth
September 30, Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
October 1, Kings X Cross Hotel, Sydney
October 6, Old Museum, Brisbane


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