May 21, 2011

Spencer Krug (Insert Hyperbole Here) Returns As Moonface

In terms of news, this really makes all other news seriously redundant. Seriously. Spencer Krug, resident genius of Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake, et al, is now Moonface. In 2009 he gave us "Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit Drums". Now after recording through the Montreal winter he returns with "Organ Music Not Vibraphone Liked I'd Hoped". It will consist of 5 tracks and last 37 minutes. Jagjaguwar will give us the good on August 2.

To quote the great man, " At first this record was going to be another percussion album, not completely unlike the Dreamland EP, done with a vibraphone and some sparse guitar, extra percussion, what have you. But it wasn't happening. I don't know why. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. Then, one night, laying awake and thinking about music, I suddenly wanted to play an old double-manual organ - the kind from the 80s that you find in your grandmother's basement. I would procure such an organ, hook it up to big whirling speakers and powerful amplifiers, and make a long, drone-filled, lush and noisy album of intense volume and beauty and poeticism. This was the new plan. Half of it happened."

You can listen to the first track for preview below. It's fantabulous!

Organ Music Not Vibraphone Liked I'd Hoped Track Listing
1 Return to the Violence of the Ocean Floor
2 Whale Song (Song Instead of a Kiss)
3 Fast Peter
4 Shit-Hawk in the Snow
5 Loose Heart = Loose Plan

MP3: Fast Peter-Moonface


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