May 22, 2011

5 X 5 (An Art Event In Canberra)

Yesterday was a full day. In the morning we attended the Sydney Writers' Festival, where the highlight was a conversation between James Valentine and the multi-talented Brendan Cowell. Cowell has just written his first book, "How It Feels", which was a great read. Full of pain, blood, spit and tears. Their conversation was illuminating and entertaining. Then the girl and I drove to Canberra to attend a small but impressive art event that was known as "5 x 5". It took place in suburban Downer and showcased the work of George Rose, Leah Brideson, Tara Bromham, Ash Peak and Bohie Palecek. Each artist displayed 5 pieces of art, all no bigger then 5 by 5 inches. All the artists are currently studying or have studied at ANU. They designed the show and it was a great success. Hopefully a sign of great things to come. One of the artists, Tara, is actually my sister-in-law and even though I am biased, she is awfully talented. The night was enlivened by open fires, pumpkin soup, mulled wine and a fiddle player from Pennsylvania. It was also very cold.
Below are some more shots of the work on display.

Please find here more info on the artists involved-

George Rose

Tara Bromham

Bohie Palecek


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