Mar 15, 2011

Phil Cook and His Feat

If you love Megafaun, and you really should you know, then this might tickle your fancy. That band's lead man Phil Cook has a record coming out in May under his own name. Trekky Records will be releasing "Hungry Mother Blues" on May 10 and I am very excited to hear it. The album was recorded in a single day in the back room of Phil's house in North Carolina. The preview track (see below) is a golden slice of instrumental acoustic goodness. Augurs well for the new album. Can't wait!

Hungry Mother Blues Track Listing
1 Frazee, Minnesota
2 Waiting 'Round The Oven Buns
3 Juniper
4 Lament and Lullaby (For the Sloane Sisters)
5 Sparrowander
6 Ballad Of a Hungry Mother
7 The Last Steam Engine Train
8 The Jensens

MP3: Ballad Of a Hungry Mother


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