Feb 17, 2011

Secret Cities Have A New Album For 2011!

Well that didn't take long! Hot on the heels of 2010's excellent "Pink Graffiti", Secret Cities return with "Strange Hearts", to be released in early March on Western Vinyl. "Pink Graffiti" was full of boundless energy and melodic golden moments, so I am super excited to hear their new release. "Strange Hearts" was written and recorded in an intense three month period, with the recording taking place in an abandoned bank in Kansas City, Missouri. I have a track for preview below.

Strange Hearts Track Listing
1 Always Friends
2 Ice Cream Scene
3 The Park
4 Love Crime
5 No Pressure
6 Pebbles
7 Strange Hearts
8 Interlude
9 Brief Encounter
10 Forest of Love
11 Portland

MP3: Love Crime-Secret Cities


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