Feb 10, 2011

Okkervil River Update

OK, more news on the new Okkervil River album. Due for release by Jagjaguwar on May 10, here is the artwork, once again done by the extremely talented William Schaff. Listed below is the track listing. This week the band released a single on vinyl containing two tracks. "Mermaid" and "Walked Out On a Line". Holy cow, they are amazing! And they didn't even make the album, which augurs well for this exciting release.

I Am Very Far Track Listing
1 The Valley
2 Piratess
3 Rider
4 Lay of the Last Survivor
5 White Shadow Waltz
6 We Need A Myth
7 Hanging from a Hit
8 Show Yourself
9 Your Past Life As a Blast
10 Wake And Be Fine
11 The Rise
Spin have a Sheff exclusive track by track breakdown of the album.
Pitchfork have a great interview with Sheff about the album.


  • At February 10, 2011 , Anonymous Karen said...

    This -

    'There's violent death in almost every song...'

    Makes me very excited.


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