Jan 18, 2011

Live:An Intimate Video Study of the Art of Performing

As part of the Sydney Festival we were lucky enough to witness Live on the weekend. Running until January 23, this unique installation is based in the basement of the Sydney Town Hall. It works this way. There are four large Black and White Screens with 20 artists performing on continuous loop directly to the camera, directly to you. Each audience member has a set of headphones, so you can decide which artist you wish to watch. For me I kept coming back to the singular and spectacular Warren Ellis. But there is plenty else to keep you entertained. Here are my highlights. I recommend it highly.

Warren Ellis (the man is possessed by demons and angels)
Feist (delightfully performs "Intuition" on acoustic)
Martha Wainwright (great voice!)
Yim Yames (the MMJ frontman serenades us with "Look At You")
Gareth Liddiard (stark rendition of "I Don't Ever Want To Change")
Laura Jean (beautiful Melbourne songstress)


  • At January 27, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It was pretty fascinating. It took us a couple of clips to really get the drift of the installation, but after that it was difficult to draw our eyes away!

    I was surprised that a few of the artists I expected to enjoy I came away a bit cold from, and was unexpectedly enthralled by a few others (Lisa Kekeula, Martha Wainwright, Julian Hamilton). And of course Juliette Lewis and Warren Ellis were at their mental best!


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