Jan 29, 2011

Grinderman @ Enmore Theatre

"I woke up this morning, I thought what am I doing here? My brother he starts raging! Watch him rising see him howling! And he sucked and sucked her dry. And he bit at me and said goodbye up on the twenty-ninth floor." This is how you begin a show! Raging torrents of fire. Caterwauling, spluttering diamond clustered three eyed monsters. Chunks of plaster splattered on beards of gods. Crazy monks running wild eyed through ancient forests grabbing strangers and carrying them on their shoulders. Four men standing before the apocalypse and spitting in its face. Smiling, with a knowing wink that sometimes too much ferocity is never enough. Just ridiculous. Seriously ridiculous.

Words, words, words. Not sufficient enough to describe the enormity of a Grinderman show. Plus I have to get ready to get on a plane to New Zealand in a few hours. I can say this. They started at the speed of sound and took it up a few notches. Ferocious drumming. Threatening bass lines. Warren Ellis giving a fuck. Nick Cave owning us. We are his children.
He is our master.
I am spent.

Set List
Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man
Worm Tamer
Get It On
Heathen Child
When My Baby Comes
What I Know
Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)
No Pussy Blues
Bellringer Blues

Palaces Of Montezuma
When My Love Comes Down
Man In The Moon
Love Bomb


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