Dec 21, 2010

Tim Rogers Christmas Show @ The Vanguard

Tim Rogers is an erudite man. A man of dripping charisma and extreme personality. Tuesday night he performed, for the first time, at The Vanguard in Newtown. It was the first of two Christmas Shows and he was, quite simply, fantastic. In the 90s I was a huge You Am I fan. Their first four albums are the equal of any in Australian rock history. In the last few years though I had lost touch with the Rogers magic. So, I thought this was a good opportunity to see him live once again. Even without the band. It proved a splendid night.

He touched a wide variety of songs from his solo releases and even though I was not familiar with most of the songs played I still lapped it all up. I did count three You Am I numbers though. So the set list below has a few holes in it, but I tried my best to figure it out later. No matter, each song was a gem. Armed with two guitars, he strummed and crooned with maximum effect. His music has a melancholic undertone, stories of life with wry observances and sad witnessing. Above the beautiful melodies rises his universal voice. It's not a unique voice, but it is distinctly distinct. It's a comfort to the soul, in much the same way as Jeff Tweedy. It soothes and relaxes. Tim Rogers is also a fine storyteller. He treads the fine line between slightly arrogant and immensely charming. Dressed in his purple velvet jacket, he is an every man. At home in every one's home. He sings of Australia, but it's an Australia that we can all find time to love. Never better illustrated then in the closing song in "Paragon Cafe". Tim Rogers is a national treasure. Thankfully he still lives, bleeds and breathes. You should catch him at sometime in your life.

Set List
Because You're Mine
A Nervous Kid
Damn Songs
Time & Distance
The Ballad Of You Am I
City Lights
Hi, We're The Support Band
The Smokin' Popes
Go On, Get Strong?
Happy Anniversary
Lover of the Wild
The Secret Of Christmas
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

We We Wed?
Paragon Cafe


  • At October 09, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey that's a really nice and thoughtful review. I agree that he and Jeff Tweedy both have soul soothing voices. This might be why I play both of their music so much.


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