Dec 2, 2010

Bright Eyes Return In 2011

Can the flame be lit again? Is the magic still present? Earlier this decade I had thoughts that Conor Oberst could be a major, major voice in songwriting. His band/concept in Bright Eyes recorded a string of amazing and beautiful albums, in particular "Fevers and Mirrors" and "Lifted..." In 2007 we saw the last release from Bright Eyes and the cracks started to appear. Whilst "Cassadaga" was a good album it wasn't flawless and we wondering what the future might hold. Was the boy genius, now 30, running out of inspiration. Then he took a different path. Releasing two albums, one in his own name and one with the Mystic Valley Band. The first one was pretty good, the second one fairly average. The songs seemed to lack edge and spark. So as we move into 2011 we have a new album on the horizion and it's by Bright Eyes! Saddle Creek will release "The People's Key" on February 15. Recorded in Omaha, Nebraska at the band's ARC Studios, it was produced by long time associate Mike Mogis. I really hope this is a great album and a return to form for Oberst.

The People's Key Track Listing
1 Firewall
2 Shell Games
3 Jejune Stars
4 Approximate Sunlight
5 Haile Selassie
6 A Machine Spiritual (In The People's Key)
7 Triple Spiral
8 Beginner's Mind
9 Ladder Song
10 One For You, One For Me


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