Nov 30, 2010

Wolf Parade (No More???)

It has been floating around various media in the last couple of days that Wolf Parade might not continue to exist. In the words of Dan Boeckner, they are "on indefinite hiatus". Now they have had in the past breaks between albums, whether to just have a breather or for Dan and Spencer to go to work on their various other bands. But this seems more permanent, or at least semi-permanent. Last Friday they played the last show of their North American tour and at the end of the night Spencer Krug announced "This is the last show we'll play for a long time". Currently I am in a little state of shock. Grief will probably come later. But I am not bitter or massively depressed. Probably because I have such respect and admiration for these men of Wolf that I can't hold it against them. They have such integrity that I am sure the hiatus is for good reasons and not selfish ones. I have a good feeling we will see them again, although probably not for a while. Plus, we can still look forward to Handsome Furs and Sunset Rubdown and all the rest.

But one major reason that I feel sad personally is this. I might never get the chance to see them live with my beautiful girl. I was lucky enough to see Wolf Parade live twice in Canada. Once in 2005 and secondly in 2007. These times I will never, ever forget. But every time I listened to one of their songs I would close my eyes and imagine I was in the front row with my girl by my side and we were yelling "Give me your eyes, I need sunshine". Now this might never happen and for this I feel truly sad. I was truly looking forward to this moment being the pinnacle of my live music experiences. So, for the time being I will just have to live with the 3 albums and various EPs to keep me going. This band produced so much amazing music that they have carved a special place in my heart. In honour of this I thought I might list my ten favourite Wolf Parade songs. What are your favourite Wolf Parade songs and memories?

1. I'll Believe in Anything
2. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
3. Kissing The Beehive
4. Yulia
5. Language City
6. You Are A Runner and I am My Father's Son
7. Grounds For Divorce
8. California Dreamer
9. Pobody's Nerfect
10. Modern World


  • At November 30, 2010 , Anonymous Jess said...

    I'm so glad I had the chance to see them. They closed with Kissing the Beehive (it was epic) in Toronto and Dan announced it as being the "last song we ever play". I thought he meant during the current tour :\

    The announcement mentions "there are plans for a few shows next year" - so they better be in Australia!!

    Here's the setlist for the Toronto show:
    Soldier's Grin
    What Did My Lover Say (It Always Had to Go This Way)
    Palm Road
    You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son
    Fancy Claps
    Ghost Pressure
    Oh You, Old Thing
    Fine Young Cannibals
    Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
    This Heart's On Fire
    I'll Believe In Anything
    California Dreamer

    ~ encore ~
    Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts
    Shine A Light
    Kissing The Beehive

  • At November 30, 2010 , Blogger Wayne said...

    It's sad Jess, but good on you for seeing that show. You will have such great memories!

  • At December 06, 2010 , Blogger ApologiesToTheQue said...

    Great attitude Wayne.

    I'm shattered.

    I'll Believe In Anything is my favourite song of all time! Has just always assumed I'd see it live somewhere, sometime...


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