Nov 1, 2010

The Making Of Grief Point-Loscil (Featuring Dan Bejar)

In music one discovery can lead to another. So, here we are. Recently listening to the new 12" released by Destroyer I was impressed, naturally, by both tracks. The first, "Archer on the Beach" is an atmospheric collaboration with Tim Hecker. The second, "Grief Point", is breathtakingly good. It features the music of Loscil and spoken word by Dan Bejar. Its beauty and honesty blew me away. Loscil is the project of Scott Morgan, who also drums in Destroyer. This immaculate piece of music first appeared as "The Making Of Grief Point" on "Endless Falls", an album that was released by Loscil in March of this year. Please, do anything you can to track down either version. This video is a good start.


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