Oct 30, 2010

Sarah Blasko @ Enmore Theatre

I know I should probably be more knowledgeable about Sarah Blasko. After all, she does have all the credentials. Indie background, miles of style, Sydney scene, three acclaimed and popular albums. But somehow I have missed the boat. I don't really listen to the radio and I have never got around to buying her albums. But we had the offer of some tickets to her Friday night show at the Enmore Theatre. So, what the hell. I went in with an open mind and walked out impressed and satisfied. Not blown away, but certainly more appreciative of her talents.

Firstly, I don't have a set list. I really didn't know the names of the songs, except for the drum laden "No Turning Back". I knew that one. But the rest was a mystery. Oh well except for her much played cover of "Flame Trees". The only Cold Chisel song that I ever really liked, this rendition was superb. Although Sarah did state that this would be last time she would play it. I guess she is ready to move on from it. I did appreciate the variety in her music. It ranged from light pop to ethereal harmonies to almost dark rock. I did find myself appreciating the quieter songs a little more, rather then the poppier numbers which although fun weren't not exactly memorable. Sarah's voice is also something special as well. Just a little different to make a difference. It actually reminded me a little of Emily Haines. The band was great as well, with very varied and special arrangements. The drumming was great, along with piano, banjo and two violins. I would quibble about the venue set up though. The floor was divided into two sections, as is normal. But it was seating in front of the barrier and standing behind the barrier. I think all seating or all standing definitely works much better. Oh well, it was still an enjoyable night. Not earth shattering, but enough to make me appreciate the talents of Ms Blasko just that little bit more.

UPDATE I Have a set list!

For You
All Coming Back
The Garden's End
Bird On A Wire
Hold On My Heart
Over & Over
We Won't Run
Always Worth It
Lost & Defeated
I Never Knew
True Intentions
Flame Trees (Cold Chisel cover)
Into Light
Sleeper Awake
All I Want
No Turning Back

Down On Love


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