Oct 21, 2010

Cousin Dud

Cousin Dud. Not a great name, but potentially a great band. This four piece hail from Woodstock, Illinois and have recently recorded a 5 song EP that they are offering up for free download. I have been listening to the songs in the past day or so and I think I have fallen in love. There is a real rustic, ramshackle feel to the songs that draw on classic American folk rock traditions. Singer and chief songwriter Matt Carmichael describes their sound as "Folk-rock. Good ol' American folk-rock but with a bit of a punk mentality. The focus of our songwriting is lyrically based and deals primarily with the Midwest and its fine people". They are currently preparing their debut album but in the meantime I urge you to check out their EP "Of Hats and Unicorns" at the website listed below.

Of Hats and Unicorns-Cousin Dud


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