Aug 9, 2010

The Thermals Get Personal

In just on a month The Thermals will give us album number 5. September 7 to be exact, on Kill Rock Stars. The Portland trio have always made intelligent, furious power/punk music and I hope this tradition continues on "Personal Life". In the past they have waged war on politics, religion and other meaty subjects. This time it is personal. Their subject matter is perhaps the most important of all-love. Stay tuned.

Personal Life Track Listing
1 I'm Gonna Change Your Life
2 I Don't Believe You
3 Never Listen To Me
4 Not Like Any Other Feeling
5 Power Lies
6 Only For You
7 Alone, A Fool
8 Your Love Is So Strong
9 A Reflection
10 You Changed My Life

MP3: I Don't Believe You-The Thermals


  • At August 12, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Thermals will be performing in NYC on 10/13 at Irving Plaza. Tickets are available at Hope to see you there!


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