Aug 4, 2010

Frightened Rabbit @ The Factory

So much passion, so much heart, so much fun. In the short space of time we had taken Frightened Rabbit deep into our heart. In the short space of time we had seen them three times. But this was the first proper, non festival show that we had witnessed. And they smashed it. Frightened Rabbit write songs that are insanely melodic, directly powerful and yes, just great handfuls of fun. With a capital F. Tuesday night at The Factory was superb, enthralling and hugely smile enducing. This band manage to do the uncomplicated in a very unique way. They are not revolutionary nor experimental in any way and yet no other band sounds quite like them. Their songs fly head long to a cliff edge, with your heart in mouth. They build and collapse many times over. The message is quite simple, but so personal that it can make you laugh and smile all within the same addictive chorus or unforgettable verse. If Frightened Rabbit didn't exist then I think we would all need a reason to invent them. If hearts are sworn on sleeves then this band has 48,000 veins and arteries spilling out on stage.

Now, another great part of the night was the joy of hearing many of the 'Winter of Mixed Drinks' songs live for the first time. We had heard the joyous "Swim Until You Can't See Land" live before but the rest were all fresh including the opening great salvo in "Skip The Youth". Probably my favourite though was "The Loneliness and the Scream", which was thunderous and a perfect singalong song for the enraptured audience. Of course the night slept firmly on the bedrock of 'Midnight Organ Fight'. These songs are always super special live and will never grow old. "The Modern Leper" is a headcharge of a song and "The Twist" is all aching pain. As is the heart breaking "My Backwards Walk", which singer and lead man Scott Hutchison performed mainly solo on his electric. As his heart opened ours opened too to take him inside. Hutchison led his band admirably, as his men played with skill and passion behind him. Scott was quite chatty between songs too. Not long and rambling but very charming and personal. The other magic member of the band is his brother Grant who fairly murders his drum kit each and every time out. As they closed with the epic "Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms" we realised it had been a very special night but also heavily anticipating an encore. Which delivered immensely. Scott Hutchison returned with just his acoustic to play the soul shattering "Poke", before the band returned to give us the charging "Living In Colour" and then the epic "Keep Yourself Warm". This last song is a special treat live. It bleeds heartache and pain as it traverses its desolate tale before the song crashes into pure pandemonium. A great way to close a special night. From Selkirk to Sydney. The journey was definitely worthwhile.

Set List
Skip The Youth
The Modern Leper
Nothing Like You
The Loneliness And The Scream
The Twist
The Wrestle
My Backwards Walk
Head Rolls Off
Old Old Fashioned
Swim Until You Can't See Land
Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms

Living In Colour
Keep Yourself Warm


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