Jul 16, 2010

The Moondoggies

In 2008 a band from Seattle emerged with a fine debut album. "Don't Be A Stranger" was a rustic, ramshackle hugely enjoyable album that deserved a much bigger audience. Now The Moondoggies are back with more music. Hardly Art will release "Tidelands" on September 14. The album comprises ten tracks and was recorded in the winter months of 2009 and 2010. It was produced and recorded by the band and Erik Blood with help from Phil Ek and Kurt Bloch. Lead singer Kevin Murphy explains the themes of the album. “What the water represents can be taken many different ways,” concedes Murphy. “Many of the lyrics came to me while trying to be constructive in how I dealt with feeling depressed, rather than just getting wrapped up in my own head.” Songs deemed worthwhile but inappropriate for inclusion on "Tidelands" have been released on an EP, now available, named "You'll Find No Answers Here". I have a track for preview from that EP. It's pretty great, which augurs well for the album.

MP3: Fly Mama Fly-The Moondoggies


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